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NOUF was born on 25 March 1991 at the Dubai New Hospital in Dubai. She joined EIS at the age of three and a half. Nouf is the youngest member of her class. She will be in grade 8 by Sept. 2003. Her interest has been in art, Music and writing. Nouf likes to write nice stories. She likes to play school at home and gathers all her friends and cousins around her as students. In 2003 Nouf started learning how to play tennis.  She is also started showing some liking to arts and sciences.


Nouf and her cousins on her 12th birthday. 2003
She invited them on a cruise on the boat. Dubai Marina buildings are seen in the background.

Nouf - January 2003

Left: Nouf at home during Eid Al Fitr Year 1424 Hijri
(Corresponding to Dec 2003)
Right: Nouf with Uncle Fahad, his daughter Laila and cousin Yasmin.

Nouf likes to write horror stories. An example of her writing is a letter viewed in the mail sent to us by her teacher which read as follows:

Dear Mum and Dad,


Link to Nouf's Site

Grade 2 AM
P.o.Box 6446,

I have an amazing animal story to tell you!
Last night I heard a sound and I wondered what it was. I looked up on my shelf and I saw a baby alligator. I picked him up and put him on the ground. I went to tell my brother. I said to him, I have found an alligator in my bedroom. He said thatís impossible. So I went to tell my Nanny that I found an alligator in my bedroom. She said thatís impossible. So I went to tell my three years old brother but he didnít know what I said. So I went to tell my baby Faisal but I forgot that he canít talk. So I decided to put the alligator in Dubai Zoo. They came to take him away. Mum and Dad I know you wouldnít believe my story if I told it to you so I have decided to write it in a letter.

 Love from Nouf.

Nouf enjoys dancing and music.  She is seen here in the National dress after a school party for the UAE National day.

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Nouf with a new toy for Eid

Nouf also likes writing horrible spells that are frightening.  One is listed below:

My Horrible Spell

Round about the cauldron go,
In the poisoned entrails throw.
Double Double toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

I saw a snake, that I have to bake.
A game to fame and a name to blame.
I saw a dog, almost like a frog.
A seal was big, he really had to dig.

A man could not swim in the sea,
He was afraid he'd drowned, from water he'd flee.
You have to try, so I know why.
Each animal is freed, here is a lesson to heed.

Everyone will fall, here is a lesson for all.
Thank you now I am finished and I will eat spinach.



Nouf on Minnie's bed at Disney Land, Los Angeles, California - Summer 2000.

Nouf and her cousin Reem at Eid Al Adhha
5 March 2001


10th Birthday party.

Nouf shows off the knife before cutting the cake with her school friends surrounding her. This was an all girl party with no boys allowed as per Noufs order.

Nouf and her brothers Almohannad and Faisal
at Eid Al Adha 2001


Nouf in front of the Burj Al Arab standing on the bridge leading to the entrance of the hotel after having lunch with the family in the Al Montaha restaurant at the very top of the building.

Nouf  in front of the door at Burj Al Arab.

Nouf holding a duck.


Nouf demonstrating the solar system at the Science Museum in Muscat during our trip to Oman in 2001.

Like father like Daughter.


Up: Nouf at home
Up Right: Nouf doing Yoga
Right: Nouf in the Kayak in Oman
Eid Al Fitr 2001.

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